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After the Funeral

A point that needs consideration when cremation is arranged is that families sometimes like to see the flowers later on in the day of the funeral, or even during the next couple of days after the funeral. A decision therefore has to be made as to what should be done with them. If no decision is made it is usual for the flowers to be left at the crematorium against the name marker of the person who has died. If it is more convenient we have an area in our Memorial Garden at Wood Street, which is open 11am to 5pm every day where they can be laid for a week to allow families to see them there. We can also arrange for them to be taken to other places, for example a local burial ground on a family grave.


Many families prefer to restrict flowers to the immediate family members and ask instead for donations to particular charities and organisations that mean something to them.

We have collection boxes specifically for this purpose so that a collection can be made at the Church and or Crematorium. The contents of the box is then passed to you before we take our leave following your arrival at the return venue.

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Butterfields strive to provide a sympathetic understanding to every situation. We use our expertise and guidance to make the passing of loved family member as painless as possible.

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Coffins & Caskets

The Tipton - our standard range coffin for cremation The Whitby  - our middle range coffin for burial or cremation The Raby  - our top range coffin for burial or cremation Medium oak coffin  - named Two tone open coffin  - named

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