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Biodegradable Urns

These biodegradable urns are manufactured from 100% biodegradable organic materials. Over time, this urn will decompose and return to the soil.

Biodegradable urns are primarily used for ashes which are to be buried. They are also suitable for funerals at sea, where the urn is cast into the water and decomposes naturally. 

Biodegradable Urns - Black Bird - BU001 £109 Biodegradable Urns - Blue Butterfly - BU002 £109 Biodegradable Urns - Blue Bird - BU003 £109 Biodegradable Urns - Stone Bird - BU006 £109 Biodegradable Urns - Stone Flower - BU007 £109 Biodegradable Urns - Stone Butterfly - BU008 £109 Biodegradable Urns - Natural Journey Earthurn - ZU001 £89 Biodegradable Urns - Blue Journey Earthurn - ZU002 £89 Biodegradable Urns - White Urn - BU311 £99 Biodegradable Urns - Sand Urn - BU312 £99 Biodegradable Urns - Rustic Urn - BU313 £99 Biodegradable Urns - Walnut Urn - BU314 £99 Biodegradable Urns - Sea Burial - BU301 £119 Biodegradable Urns - Sea & Land Burial - BU302 £119 Biodegradable Urns - Land Burial - BU303 £157 Biodegradable Urns - Terracotta Eco Urn - BU401 Biodegradable Urns - White Eco Urn - BU402 Biodegradable Urns - Green Floral Eco Urn - BU403 Biodegradable Urns - Dove Eco Urn - BU404

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