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No other animal or insect is as symbolic for transformation as the butterfly. From the ancient times on the metamorphosis that the little insect undertakes from caterpillar to butterfly has been compared to the transformation from the physical to the spiritual. It's a symbol for immortality and rebirth.

These beautiful butterflies will hold and preserve a token of ashes as a lasting memento.

Butterflies - VL001, VL001S Keepsake Butterflies - VL002, VL002S Keepsake Butterflies - VL003, VL003S Keepsake Butterflies - VL004, VL004S Keepsake Butterflies - VL005, VL005S Keepsake Butterflies - VL006, VL006S Keepsake

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Butterfields strive to provide a sympathetic understanding to every situation. We use our expertise and guidance to make the passing of loved family member as painless as possible.

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Cremation Keepsakes - Urns

Cremation Keepsakes - Urns

28 Feb 18

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