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Funeral Coffins & Caskets

Selecting a coffin is not only a strange experience for most people, it can be quite distressing and confusing. Our funeral directors and staff at Butterfields are not only trained, but highly experienced in advising and assisting people to make the right choice for them and their circumstances. The choice can be quite daunting but we will guide you gently through the process and help you to make the right decision both in style and cost.  

The range is quite extensive in both coffins (the traditional coffin shape ) and caskets (the rectangular shape). From the traditional veneered coffin to wool, willow, bamboo, and many other materials, also American style caskets in various metals and hardwoods. We can also advise on restrictions which may apply in the case of cremation imposed by cremation regulations.

The opportunity of personalising coffins today is quite extensive as can be seen in the illustrations shown. One of the alternatives is the use of what is referred to as: the Coffin Cover.

The Tipton - our standard range coffin for cremation The Whitby  - our middle range coffin for burial or cremation The Raby  - our top range coffin for burial or cremation Medium oak coffin  - named Two tone open coffin  - named Pastel coffin  - available in any pastel shade Curved willow coffin Traditional willow coffin. Curved Willow in our Chapel Of Rest

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