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Mar 1943 to Apr 2018

Funeral service to take place on Wednesday May 2nd 2018 at 10.00am at St Thomas Church, Kilnhurst, followed by interment in Kilnhurst Churchyard.

Date: Wednesday May 2nd 2018

Time: 10.00 am

Location: St Thomas Church, Kilnhurst

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Cremation Keepsakes

Brass LoveUrns - Burgundy Floral Urn - HU0712 £239, HU0712 Keepsake £55 Geert Kunen Ceramic Urns - UGK070B Candle Large £529 Brass LoveUrns - Bronze/Gold Band Urn - HU107 £239, HU107 Keepsake £55, CHK107 Candle Keepsake £85 Crystal Urns - GU015, GU115 Keepsake Ash Jewellery - AH309 £107. Geert Kunen Ceramic Urns - UGK007 £297 Brass LoveUrns Candle Keepsake - CHK108 Green/Gold Band £98. Ash Jewellery - AH082 £137 LoveUrns Treasure - EBF002 £75.

Earrings from the Treasure™ collection are not capable of holding any cremated remains, due to their small sizes and subtle forms. Ash Jewellery - AH081 £189

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