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Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

28 Mar 17

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

The thought of planning a funeral before you really need to can be a very strange and daunting experience. But it is true that funerals are becoming increasingly expensive by the year. Funeral costs have almost doubled in the last 10 years and now average about £4,500.

We are proud to partner with Golden Charter, one of the UK's leading pre-paid funeral plan providers. A Golden Charter pre-paid funeral plan gives you the peace of mind that your family will not be left with a big funeral bill when you pass away. There are different plans to choose from ranging from £3,735 - £4,115. The beauty of a Golden Charter plan is the flexibility to choose exactly what you would like to happen on your funeral day including cremation or burial and any religious services.

So how does it work?
The point of a pre-paid funeral plan is to cover the costs for the funeral directors services. If your plan has been paid for in full then you will not be affected by any increase in funeral director fees and your family will not need to pay a penny extra. Paying in advance for your funeral is a sensible decision that will save money, benefiting your family and estate. We guarantee that as long as your plan is paid for there will be no more to pay for the services within your funeral directors control.

There is the option to pay for the funeral in one lump-sum however, many prefer to pay for the plan monthly over a certain period of years so the cost is spread out making it easier to manage. Unlike many of the pre-paid funeral plans on the market, our pre-paid funeral plans include all disbursement fees which can be discussed at the time of choosing the plan that best suits your needs and taste. This will give you and your family further savings in the future.

Why not take care of something very stressful well in advance so there is one less thing to worry about in the future! We would be more than happy to discuss any of our pre-paid funeral plans with you so you can fully understand and choose the funeral plan that is right for you.

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