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Transport for the Funeral

There are a number of things that need considering when thinking about the transport. The traditional procession or cortege usually consists of the hearse and limousines.

Our Modern Jaguar Hearse and Limousines are the most popular but a large range of alternatives are available, particularly the vehicle to carry the coffin. You may like to use our own Victorian horse-drawn hearse, or a motorcycle, lorry or double decker bus hearse. We have an extensive list of arrangements we can make on your behalf. 

One of the transport considerations is, who is to be provided for, this is normally for the immediate family. Our Limousines carry 6 passengers in the rear and 1 in front with the driver.

Another factor to consider, is where the cortege is to leave from and where it is to return to, this in turn brings up the subject of the venue for the reception or wake, if you feel this to be appropriate. We have our own catering rooms and can supply catering to outside venues if required.

 Our experienced staff can help you with all of this and more, please just ask.

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Coffins & Caskets

The Tipton - our standard range coffin for cremation The Whitby  - our middle range coffin for burial or cremation The Raby  - our top range coffin for burial or cremation Medium oak coffin  - named Two tone open coffin  - named

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