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Visiting the Deceased

Whether to visit the Chapel Of Rest or Viewing Rooms and see your loved one is a decision that you and only you can make. 

Our long experience has indicated to us that some people do sometimes get genuine comfort from seeing their loved one at rest, and spending some quiet time together, but no one should feel under any pressure to visit, it is a very personal decision which should be respected by all.

If anyone feels that they would just like some time with the closed coffin, for simple reflection this can be arranged without any problem. It may also be that families would like to place something in the room, for example a picture, photograph or personal item, again we can assist with this. 

Should you decide to visit, we will do our utmost to make the experience as comfortable as we can, to this end our staff will discuss this and advise on how and when this may be best done.

We operate an appointment system for visiting, which we find gives maximum privacy to our families, although all our rooms have an adjacent private quiet lounge to retire to before leaving the premises.

Occasionally some people feel it too distressing to see their loved one in a coffin. To try and help people in this position, we have an arrangement which gives the impression of the person being in a bed. There are limitations to this which we can discuss with you and explain.

We are here to help you

Butterfields strive to provide a sympathetic understanding to every situation. We use our expertise and guidance to make the passing of loved family member as painless as possible.

Please use the contact form below to inform us of your requirements and we will contact you at your preferred time, whether that be by phone, email or in person.

  • We will contact you in response to your enquiry, after which your information will be deleted from our systems. Your details will not be added to marketing lists, or passed to third parties. Read more here

Coffins & Caskets

The Tipton - our standard range coffin for cremation The Whitby  - our middle range coffin for burial or cremation The Raby  - our top range coffin for burial or cremation Medium oak coffin  - named Two tone open coffin  - named

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